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Don’t Snooze!

You woke up today? That’s probably the hardest thing that you’ve done today. And everyday for the rest of your life. Finding a reason to wake up every morning is the most difficult task. If you haven’t found your reason or passion to wake up, you still need to find the will to wake up. … Continue reading

Be A Chameleon

Do you wear different hats? Are you a mother or father? Son or daughter? Student? Employee? Fitness junkie? Single parent? Volunteer? Business owner? Do you have multiple roles? Are you a single parent by day and crime fighter by night? Whatever roles you have, be the best you can in each role. If you’re an … Continue reading

Fluidity is Key

Do you know someone who seems to be happy all the time? If yes, one contributing factor is their ability to be flexible. When certain things in life don’t go as planned, it’s alright. Re-adjust your plan. When unexpected turn of events create a roadblock, it’s alright. Re-adjust your plan.. When things don’t go your … Continue reading